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László Botár's virtual exhibitionBecause of the Covid-19- restrictions, this time we invite the interested ones to a virtual, on-line exhibition. We present the works of László Botár, a painter born in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania.
Horror Vacui - Fear of EmptinessThe title of the exhibition is as follows: Horror Vacui - meaning "Fear of Emptiness", perhaps more precisely: fear of Nothingness.
Group exhibition of the P’art Workshop of Sárospatak, HungaryThe work of the members of the group of artists entitled P’art Műhely [P’art Workshop] is connected to the city of Sárospatak, Hungary. This creative community aims to create a city-wide group of creative people, working in different genres.
Ottó Szabó: Eternal IncognitoThe ten-odd images exhibited here present thoughts that are still up-to-date and valid today.
FREEDOM AND IDENTITYAt the exhibition entitled Freedom and Identity, one may see works created just after the fall of the iron curtain, works with political and religious topics, time-lapse images of Roma people and current works of notable artists from Eastern Slovakia.
COHESIONThe venue and the opening ceremony itself result in a density allowing the viewer to discover new forms of dynamism, fresh connections; however, all of this requires the viewer to actively participate in the process.
TO LEAVE A SIGNThe topic of the courseworks is Sándor Petőfi, the best known Hungarian poet. It is logical since the students were working in the town of Kiskőrös, Petőfi's birthplace.
ÉVA NURIDSÁNY: BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTHWith the colours, the design language and intense dynamism, she achieves to break almost any interpretation limits.
Touches by Denisa ĆičvákováAlmost every painting in the series contains a lone figure with views of a certain part of the body - details of female legs, hands, lap, half-figure, headless figure - evoking the seeming deprivation of one's own identity.
OTTÓ SZABÓ: HOWLAs it is also the case of Chinese characters, the compositions of Ottó Szabó consist of two (or more) elements: the phonetic one, expressing how to pronounce the character and the meaning.
Paintings by Imre MakaiAt the FiguratiF Gallery of the MaJel Rovás Centre, an exhibition of painter Imre Makai from Hajdúböszörmény, Hungary has opened. The exhibition is available to the public until 10 December 2018 at Alžbetina 42.
Katalin Holló: BalanceOn 6 September 2018, the exhibition of graphic artist Katalin Holló opened at the MaJel Rovás centre. The exhibition is available to the public until 25 September.
ROVAS ACADEMY’S SUMMER RESIDENCIES (06.07.2018-04.09.2018)Our summer residencies are the best opportunities to cleverly use your free time.
The SoundWeaving V4 Edition and Entrée V4 exhibitions Hungary is holding the presidency of the Visegrad Group, which inspired the exhibition entitled “SoundWeaving V4 Edition”. Another exhibition, entitled “Entrée V4” is a selection of the final year projects of V4 university graduates of 2017.
Sobriety, oppositions, joyMedgyaszay was one of the most distinctive individual architects of the 20th century - he designed the first theatre made of reinforced concrete in Hungary - even the first of the kind in the world - in Veszprém (in 1907) and later in Sopron.
eNRA 2017 – Komárno, Slovakia This exhibition is unconventional. The viewers may see the works of 10 artists, among them four recipients of the Munkácsy Prize and one recipient of the Kossuth Prize, exhibiting together, to show their support to Rovás.
eNRA 2017 in KosiceEvery year, the members of eNRA create an abundance of works, different in style, technique and theme; however, their exhibitions are harmonious, because their leitmotif is the common way of thinking and unity.
The X and Y generationsOne of the goals of the Young Architects' Forum is to perform advocacy in favor of the architects, urbanists and landscape architects of Hungarian ethnicity, supporters of Hungarian culture, active in Southern Slovakia.
eNRA 2017This year, the eNRA exhibition celebrates its 5th anniversary. The international group of artists, founded by Rovás was established in 2012. Since then, it has been exhibiting the works produced at its creative summer camps every year.
Tracing the Lost Jews - Exhibition in Gallery FiguratiFThe lost Jewish memorials, photographed by photographer Libor Cabák from Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic. The pictures depict once existed synagogues and cemeteries from Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia; however, also local documents from Košice, Slovakia have been added to the exhibition.
GULAGThe aim of this exhibition is to commemorate the strangers and fellows, who - as it turned out - went through hell and lived among us in silence, with the burden of their memories, for decades. And let us also commemorate those people unknown to us, whose faith was to die.
Daumier and others HONORÉ DAUMIER was among the first, who fully utilized the expressive power of lithography and used the content to accuse their own era. His list of works is long, since he made almost 4000 such plates during his life.
Bartolomé Esteban Murillo:  Madonna and Child The new centre of Rovás, the House of Hungarian Presence hosted an exceptional exhibition. Only a single image was exhibited – a very good copy of the Iberian painter Esteban Murillo (1617–1682).
HUngarikums - Hungarian valuesThe Hungarian system of values includes not only tangible products and services, but also intangible assets.
The On 12th October, the “Blessed Virgin Mary” touring exhibition opened at the House of Hungarian Presence in Košice, Slovakia
The Nature of LackThe exhibition of József Szurcsik at Rovás, Košice, Slovakia 5-26 October 2016 Rovás Academy, Kmeťova 34, Košice, Slovakia
The exhibition of  Márton Barabás at RovásMárton Barabás is a man of abstract art, he makes paintings, sculptures, installations and sculptures made out of books. The artist creates his sculptures made out of books using mainly internal components, hammers and keys rescued from discarded pianos.
The eNRA in Rožňava, SlovakiaThe eNRA, active under the wings of Rovás, is having its fourth annual exhibition at the Main Square gallery of the Mining Museum in Rožňava, Slovakia. This year, almost 70 works of 28 artists are exhibited in the gallery until 26 January 2017. 
The exhibition of sculptor Pál Kő at the Rovás GalleryPál Kő is both an innovator and an artist respecting and incorporating traditions, who has been working for eternity for quite some time. His art is genuine Hungarian sculpting.
László MiklosovitsMiklosovits' drawings range from the precise graphics, restricted only to a few lines, concentrated expressions, to the detailed drawings, to individual graphics using monumental positive and/or negative forms, full of symbolism and to prints using various techniques.
Human, migration and new world The issue of migration in Europe in today's terms gets into the awareness of people rather in a negative sense. On one hand it is caused by the problems that migration brings, on the other hand it is related to the well-founded fear of migratory pressure.
one after the other, every day...The artistic views of Tibor Urbán are based on a feature unique to him, a specific aspect: the aspect of expressing perpetual value beyond the reality depicted in his images, seen in his inspiration.
HOT&COOLDid you know that Red Rock Canyon, being only 20 minutes from Las Vegas and the icebergs of Alaska have a lot in common? The photographs by Oszkár Kovács (Slovakia) let us play with colors and shapes.
Heart on the Canvas – Cor in linteoThis exhibition displays the works of the artists' club created during the last few years. This club is a place gathering people having different artistic views: different approaches to the human spirit and soul. They process their artistic ideas using various approaches and techniques.
eNRA 2015 – Rožňava, SlovakiaThe power of eNRA lies in its multifaceted nature, in emphasizing and focusing on the extraordinary, in respecting the craft and artistic freedom.
The exhibition of TAG at RovásTAG was not brought to life by a unified style of art or concept, but rather the tight personal and professional relationships, which came to life during the years.
The exhibition of Ottó Szabó in LučenecThe exhibition of painter Ottó Szabó, celebrating his anniversary this year, opened in the Gallery of the Gyula Szabó Memorial House in Lučenec, Slovakia, on 6th November 2015. The opening speech of the exhibition was held by Ágnes Kovács, his wife. Below you may find the opening speech.
Colors and structures - an exhibition by László CsízyOne might ask why artists like electronic tools. In the better case to remain contemporary. Experimenting is another good reason. The worse case is that the artist does not have the necessary skills and/or talent.
Syrian Refugees Crisis!  What’s the real story!In this short series of articles, we will be looking at the Syrian refugee crisis from various angles (humanitarian, political, social and economical) and with as much facts and truth as possible so that when we try to construct an opinion or point of view about the crisis.
International creative camp of fine arts 2015During the summer of 2015, the artistic group Rovás organised its international creative camp of fine arts entitled “Értjük egymást – Rozumieme si – Ne intelegem” (we understand each other) for the 6th time.
Rovás Received the Hungarian Quality Product Award	The NGO Rovás was awarded the Hungarian Quality Product Award. The prestigious title was received by Ottó Szabó, the chairman of the NGO in the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest.
Searching for ways in colour – an exhibition of Kiss Palencsár IldikóThis year's summer exhibition is a compilation of the works of a painter and art teacher living Hungary, born in Košice, Slovakia. Her name is Kiss-Palencsár Ildikó.
Rožňava Summer in Košice, 2015 – Guilds of RožňavaAt last, Rožňava Summer has arrived in Košice! The Mining Museum in Rožňava and Rovás Academy of Košice have teamed up to set up an exhibition entitled 'The Guilds of Rožňava' at the premises of the latter institution.
The exhibition of  Jozef Kužidlo at RovásThe ever recurring theme in the sculpting works of Jozef Kužidlo are heads. This is how he feels about it: "Why the head? The head was the first thing impressing me - faces tell stories sooner than mouths."
Beyond the lensThe photos of Róbert Németi appeared in articles and on title pages of numerous papers, such as The Times, Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Guardian, Daily Express, Metro, The Independent, The Sun and The Star.
The anniversary exhibition of Ottó SzabóOttó Szabó has the IDEA. He has never had an authors' crisis, he has never burned out and he has never felt void. He has always had goals and plans, he keeps on painting even in his thoughts. There was even a period, when he painted only in his thoughts, until the IMAGE assembled in his mind...
Attila Diénes"Statue: dematerialized substance; abiotic factors with the illusion of life; ecstasy hammered into matter; emotions perspired onto a brushed surface; life frozen into crystals; magic; a message appearing to be material only in its form."
The Jews in RožňavaThe history of the Jews in Rožňava dates back to the middle of the 19th century, when the first Jewish merchant, Albert Glatter settled down in the town.
RovasVoyage to San GimignanoOne of the RovasVoyage´s destinations in 2014 was San Gimignano: the city of towers. Some of us were there in 2005 and since then we have been yearning to return to this unique city.
Rovas´s 2014 Annual ReportRovás is a budget-less organisation, a grassroots initiative, in which everyone works as a volunteer. Our members do not make a living of Rovás - it is the members who sustain it. It is a very important detail and our strength.
The exhibition of József Villages, cities. This was the title given by József Borisza – nicknamed Borsó (Pea in Hungarian) – to his first independent exhibition opened in the Gallery of Rovás Academy on 31st December.
The eNRA in Rožňava, SlovakiaeNRA stands for an intellectual community, it isn’t a style but rather a kind of conduct. The group’s current exhibition can be seen at the Mining Museum in Rožňava, Slovakia.
40/20, the exhibition of Attila RékasiThe exhibition’s title is 40/20, which refers to a double jubilee:  the artist celebrates his 40th birthday this year, as well as his 20th anniversary of his career.
Master Barcsay and His PupilsNowadays presentation of masters and pupils is a fashion and it makes me happy. Sometimes young artists – graduated at art college - do not consider as an important information who was their master.
The exhibition of Tímea Tóth at Rovás AcademyVisual arts have been an attraction for her since her childhood – she has been chiseling her talent with an open mind over the years. She is a very creative artist developing and forming her own talent humbly, but with a specific goal in mind.
„Értjük egymást – Rozumieme si – Ne intelegem“ for the 5th timeThe 5th international workshop’s first part called Értjük egymást – Rozumieme si – Ne intelegem took place at a traditional scene, in Középajta (Aita Medie) of Kovászna county (Covasna) from 11th to 20th July held by Rovás.
The Tichy brothersGyula and Kálmán Tichy who had been working at the turn of the century and praised by contemporary criticism are also well recognised representatives of both inland and the Hungarian Secession.
Moving Art Group’s exhibition at RovásOn 22th May a new exhibition has opened its gates in the gallery of Rovás Academy in Košice to distribute works of the 3-year-old Moving art group.
The eNRA at BudapestThe power of “eNRA” is based on its variegation, emphasizes art’s individual and specific features, honours the vocation and the right to artistic freedom.
Exhibition of Attila Csáji at Rovas AcademyAttila Csáji is an internationally recognized painter, holder of the Munkácsy Mihály Award and as the vice-president of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA). Thus he has been chosen as the mentor of the 20-year-old Rovas Civil Organisation.
The BillboardArt – AprilThe BillboardArt is the excellent and unique competition of Rovas.
Maria PilgrimageThe Rovas Academy in Košice is hosting László Dániel's exhibition inspired by the pilgrimage to Șumuleu Ciuc. The exhibition with 32 paintings is open to the public from 13th of March to 22nd of April.
The BillboardArt – MarchThe BillboardArt is the excellent and unique competition of Rovas.
The Renewal of Our Built HeritageThe exhibition ”The Renewal of Our Built Heritage” by The Teleki László Foundation and the Magyarság Háza of Budapest is coming to the Gallery of Rovas Academy after its Transcarpathian round trip. The exhibition can be seen from the 18th of February until 13th of March.
The BillboardArt – FebruaryThe BillboardArt – the excellent and unique competition of Rovas
CALL FOR APPLICANTS IN SUMMER ART CAMPSThe Rovas Civil Organization is organizing the 5th "Értjük egymást - Ne intelegem - Rozumieme si " (“We understand each other“ - translator's note) summer camp which will be held at 3 different places, usually with the same participants.
Photos of the Bodva ValleyMore than 50 photos showing us the beautiful natural heritage values on both sides of the boundary, can be seen at Rovás Gallery in Košice.
Review of the Rovas’s year of 2013The Rovas art group has held an evaluation day with symposium and free artistic workshop. The two-day long meeting included creating new works, a dramatic performance and a concert.
eNRA in Komarno’s Limes GalleryThe eNRa was established in 2012 under the aegis of Rovas thanks to Rovas summer workshops and creative camps organized over the past 20 years. These events have been organized at 3 places in the last 4 years: in Transylvanian Aita Medie, Košice and Tihany.
The BillboardArt – the excellent and unique competition of RovasThe BillboardArt competition is a call for artists based on the project Kosice, The European Capital of Culture 2013 which lasts all year. The European capital season is going to the end soon but the BillboardArt will continue in 2014.
Eyes of the MusicMusic has its eyes-states Daniel Vass with his portraits.
The eNRA in RožňavaThese artists do not accept anything conceptual, they are against the modern global trends. They create, because they love to create, not because they have to. Their work is based on creativity and flexibility. Their credo can be the following: FREEDOM in ARTS.
Organic Architecture in Akademy RovásThe rigid geometrical architecture destroys human´s feelings-states the philosophy of organic architecture. Gábor Pap, a well-known hungarian art historian opened a new exhibition with these words.
Weeklong Creativity Workshop in Košice"We Understand Each Other"  states the title of the international art camp organized by Academy Rovás.
„Wanderers“  in KošiceThere is a new art exhibition on display in the Academy Rovás in Košice these days. There one can see some popular works of famous artists from the Košice and Rožňava regions.
The Metercia of RoznavaThe precious panel painting of Roznava known as Metercia among professionals is exactly 500 years old this year.
Roznava summer with three exhibitions in KosiceDue to the cooperation between Rovas and the Mining Museum in Roznava (Rozsnyó-Rosenau), a summer-long exhibition will be presented in Kosice (Kassa-Kaschau), one of Europe’s cultural capitals, called Roznava summer in Kosice.
The eNRAThe eNRA (International Rovás Creative Camp) was established in 2012 under the aegis of Rovás as the courtesy of creative summer camps. It is an international group, though the members are mostly of Hungarian ethnic origin, from Slovakia, Transylvania and Hungary.
The world has got a two-faced characterFor the exhibition of Maya Bott and Emőke Szamaránszky
We understand each otherÉrtjük egymást – Rozumieme si – Ne intelegem The schedule of the Rovas art camps for the summer 2013.
BillboardArtBillboardArt- Hungarian billboard art alongside the access roads of Kassa. The Rovas Civil Organisation has invited Hungarian artists for a 'BillboardArt' competition in 2013. This competition is a part of the project 'European Capital of Culture- Kassa 2013'.
Adamčiak - Interview (2)What about linguistics and esthetics? Verse, rhyme, and the disruption of traditional forms of poetry? I can recall that following the release of a selection of France Prešeren’s poetry, I was fascinated by his constructive ambitions in his Sonnets cycle, where individual words, lines of verse, ...
Adamčiak - Interview (1)Back in the early 90s, you often talked to me about your experimental poetry. Later at exhibitions, a few of your works appeared that had more to do with poetry than with graphic art. In 2002, ...
Enter 5 PreviewThe editors open the fifth issue of Enter with a poem-editorial from the young Bulgarian poet and scenario writer, Ivan Landzhev. They were impressed by the provocative idea which winds through the poem – how a city appears with all its afflictions – lovely and inspirational.
The Silent VillageOn June 10th 1942, the Czechoslovakian village of Lidice, 20km north of Prague, was obliterated by the Nazis following the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich by the Czech resistance. Throughout the West, ...
Milan AdamčiakIn the gradually more relaxed atmosphere in the communist Slovakia of the Sixties, the young artist Milan Adamčiak (Žilina, 1946) discovered the new international contemporary tendencies, as experimental poetry, happenings, the activities of Fluxus and the works on sound of John Cage...

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