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40/20, the exhibition of Attila Rékasi

written by Kovács Ágnes
translated by Németh Tímea 2014-11-14


40/20, the exhibition of Attila Rékasi


     Rovás helds a new exhibition in every month. In November we will be presenting  the creations of Attila Rékasi, the Hungarian photographer. The exhibition’s title is 40/20, which refers to a double jubilee:  the artist celebrates his 40th birthday this year, as well as his 20th anniversary of his career. The number of the creations is also simbolical, becasue 20 digital colourful prints have been made to this exhibtion held in Košice.


     The Rovás has met with Attila Rékasi a few years before, when some members of the artist group got an invitation to Baja, to an exhibition held by the Caffart Fine Art Association established by him. Since then Attila is a regular participant of our summer art camp called Értjük egymást–Rozumieme si–Ne intelegem.


     Attila Rékasi has been taking photographs since 1993, from 2007 he became a full time photographer and exhibition organizer. As he wrote about himself somewhere: „In my childhood I was called many names, like „weirdo” or „deviant” but since then I am glad, that we are not the same”.  An important segment of his art work is the graphic nature of his digital photomontage technique, just as the current exhibition is made up of the latest pieces of his series of digital montage, what has been taking up more than 10 years to collect. 


To the exhibition’s  opening he came with István Bakó, the Mayor of Derecske. As he said in his toast, Attila is a dominant artist of the small city for almost twenty years. „His pictures had reached many countries in the world thus bringing fame to the artist and I hope to his hometown as well” – added the Mayor.


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