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written by Kovács Ágnes 2014-02-10




The Rovas Civil Organization is organizing the 5th "Értjük egymást - Ne intelegem - Rozumieme si " (“We understand each other“ - translator′s note) summer camp which will be held at 3 different places, usually with the same participants.


The number of the participants is limited, so the priority over others will be given to those who will attend two or three camps:

- Transylvanian camp in Aita Medie: from 7th to 16th of July (25 participants),

- camp in Tihany: from 4th to 10th of August (70 participants),

- camp in Košice: from 25th to 31st of August (25 participants).


The Transylvanian camp will be held in Trei Scaune, Dumbrava, Aita Medie where the accomodation is offered by local families, so the participants would see the everyday life in an original Transylvanian village.


We will set out on the 7th of August from Košice, we will stop in Debrecen, have lunch in Berettyóújfalu and meet the other participants from Hungary. Through the city of Oradea, we will get across Bucea to Transylvania, later we will have a sightseeing in Cluj, then we will end the first day with a dinner in Râmetea.

The next day we will arrive to Aida Medie through Sibiu and Brașov and there will be the camp opening ceremony at 9 o’clock after the dinner.


The programme of the trips will be scheduled at the camp, the workshops will be held in the atelier of the local culture house and in the backyard of the chorister’s house all day. This year our trip will include the visit of the Ghimeș and Csango region, The Szekler Gallop, the lake of Saint Ann, The Harghita Mountains, the Transylvanian National Museum in Sfântu Gheorghe, Brașov, Sibiu and so on.


The camp in Tihany begins on the 4th of August, the opening ceremony will be held at 1:00 p.m. with a lunch. The workshops are going to be free-time activitites, but the evening programmes will be scheduled where all the participants must attend.

Evening programmes and excursions will be set at the opening ceremony. The programmes are not scheduled until dinner, so other activities like swimming, boating, etc. may be planned.


The camp in Košice will begin on the 25th of August at the Rovas Academy and will only deal with creative activity and Košice‘s history. The creative activity is also free, not scheduled but the evening programmes (lectures, discussions, PechaKucha) are compulsory.


These creative camps are all master‘s camps, as it’s widely known the performers of the programme are we ourselves. This means that the programme will be made up of the variety of offered opportunities by invited artists and theoretics: bonfire music, lectures, conversations (discourses), showing a movie, artistic presentations (showing various portfolios, animations, a la prima – digital art with drawing tablets), excursions, etc.


The camps are dedicated to education of students and adults, too. Invited artists from Transylvania, Hungary, the southern region and the Highland are dealing with education and are going to create together with the participants.


There participants can apply for the following sections in all three camps:

- painting techniques (oil, acrylic, gouache, aquarelle) led by the artist György Katona

- figure drawing (portraiture, sitting and standing figure, nude art) led by the artist Ottó Szabó
- graphic techniques (intaglio and letterpress printing) led by László Kiss, Éva Mayer and Gábor Gyenes

- sculpture techniques (wood and stone carving, modelling clay, molding) led by Barnabás Bara, Péter Madaras and Attila Diénes

- digital graphic led by Zoltán Zeman graphic designer


The application fee for adult applicants is 10€ / day. The price does not include the charges for the accomodation and meals which has to be ensured by the applicant.

The applicants can apply to Rovas Art Commitee for various grants which will cover the full or partial amount of the fee. Please send your application containing goals and ideas with attached drawings or other creations via e-mail to



In the name of the 20-year-old Rovas:

Ottó Szabó, awarded by The Pro Cultura Hungarica Prize



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