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eNRA 2015 – Rožňava, Slovakia

written by Kovács Ágnes
translated by Zoltán Bartko 2015-12-20


eNRA 2015 – Rožňava, Slovakia


On November 24, the gallery of the Mining Museum of Rožňava, located at the main square of the town served as a venue for the exhibition of the eNRA, the International Creative Community of Rovás for the third time. This exhibition possibility arose from the fruitful cooperation of the renowned institution and Rovás. The museum takes part in the activities of Rovás Academy in Košice, Slovakia with a few exhibitions, while eNRA – in turn – receives a possibility to exhibit in Rožňava. The agreement concluded in 2013 is in effect ever since; not even the museum management changes have overwritten it.

One of the stable pillars of the organisation Rovás, the founder of eNRA are the summer art camps, which have changed significantly during the last two decades. The then large children′s camps counting 50-60 attendees are now being organized for secondary school and university students, attending courses and multi-day workshops from the field of painting, graphics a computer art. This is the Rovás Talent Management Programme. The camp venues have become constant by now and partly even moved abroad. Thus, the summer camps are now traditionally held as three separate events, at their own venues: Transylvania (Romania) – Rimetea and Ghimeș-Făget, Hungary – Tihany and Slovakia – Silická Jablonica. The demand of the community attending these international camps has brought eNRA to life. 

The works exhibited at this exhibition are the results of the 2015 eNRA summer camps. Visitors may encounter works of 20 artists from Transylvania, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia – all of whom are strong personalities, well-defined talents, artists, to whom the professional skills are equally important as their artistic expression. This dualism is one of the pillars of eNRA.

The power of eNRA lies in its multifaceted nature, in emphasizing and focusing on the extraordinary, in respecting the craft and artistic freedom. 


The exhibition is open until 15 January 2016 at the Gallery of the Mining Museum in Rožňava; then it shall move to the Gallery of Contemporary Hungarian Art in Dunajská Streda, Slovakia. 




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