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eNRA in Komarno’s Limes Gallery

written by Ágnes Kovács
translated by Boglárka Sirgely 2014-01-04


eNRA in Komarno’s Limes Gallery


13th of December 2013 – 28th February 2014


Lets compare the Rovas to a person who has just become an adult because the Rovas will be 20 years old next year. Rovas was registered in 1999, though it has been established in 1994. One of the organization’s founders is Ottó Szabó, who got the name for Rovas as well. You could hear about Rovas so many times in the last 20 years which got into the Hungarian artistic conscience in Slovakia.


The Rovas’ mischievous teenager years are over realizing that art and rationality are able to go hand in hand. Let’s say: the Rovas became an adult. And this is for example proved by the Rovart, the organization’s web journal in 3 languages with ISSN code, which will celebrate its 10th birthday too next year.

The journal gets acquainted with domestic and foreign organizations, signs co-operation agreements and organizes international creative camps during the summer.


The fact is, that with  adulthood comes the first private flat. So, the Rovas got one too.

It went up for and finally rented the house of the sculptor, Béla Löffler in Košice’s Old Town. The Rovas now arranges its exhibitions here, evening workshops of sculpting and painting, invites hosts for conversations and makes dramatic shows. Last week the organization set up a library at this place.

If I would like to be stylish and fancy, I would say the Rovas is in full swing.

It plans various events all the time and one of the results of that is the eNRA, the International Rovas Creative Community.


The eNRa was established in 2012 under the aegis of Rovas thanks to Rovas summer workshops and creative camps organized over the past 20 years. These events have been organized at 3 places in the last 4 years: in Transylvanian Aita Medie, Košice and Tihany.


The members of eNRA are creative artists, who prefer inspiration and vocation not just the professional skills. To the Rovas’ creative section belong artists from Transylvania, Hungary, the southern region and the Highland, architects, sculptors, graphic designers, painters and craftsmen. Artists who rebelled against conceptual and intermediate tendencies mainly because of marking them as real values, went back to the crossway where theorists led artists to the wrong way.


The artists’ exposition of eNRA presents no various approaches of an idea, neither does it follow a conception processed by same means of expression or similar design language – this exposition wants to introduce the community which came together in International Rovas Creative Camps and decided to spend their summer together from now.


Between the members of eNRA are successful creative artists and university students, people beginning their carrier and those who had already made their precious life work, those who are connected by similar values, by the joy of creation and thanks to the summer spent together.


They stand up for the freedom and dependency of art, refuse the only generally accepted idea of hegemony and the globalization of design language. They do not create according to the values of major pharisees’, they create freely and independently.


The eNRA prefers free art and independent creativity which cannot be affected by current fashionable trends or the absency of expert knowledge. Free art should be understood as unlimited and independent creativity which is not behind the term of “contemporary art” and is not looking after an alibi in subjectivism.



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