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written by Ágnes Kovács
translated by Zoltán Bartko 2019-03-26





FiguratiF Gallery, MaJel Rovás Centre

Košice, Alžbetina 42.


Graphic artist Éva Nuridsány, born in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania, currently living in Debrecen, Hungary, winner of the László Holló prize, says: „In a wish to get away from our materialistic world, I seek the place of Man in an ever expanding and ever more mystical world, explorable with imagination. In my works, ‘up’ stands for light, peace, good; ‘down’ stands for darkness, chaos, bad; ‘middle’ (between ‘up’ and ‘down’) is man, whose roots are ‘down’ and whose spirit longs for ‘up’.”


Éva Nuridsány brought some mixed technique works and images of vitreous enamel. She always selects the technique best suited to express her ideas, in addition to vitreous enamel and mixed techniques, she likes to use aquarelles as vehicles of thoughts. At the beginning of her career, she often used this technique and she still keeps on getting back to it.


Éva Nuridsány experiments with various techniques, from the 1980s, she has been using mixed techniques and vitreous enamel from the 1990s. At first sight, her works seem to be abstract – landscapes from space, void seashores, sand dunes, cosmic meadows and the bubbling womb of the Earth.


Éva Nuridsány’s paintings and enamel pictures do not depict specific worlds. However, if a certain character appears, it represents reality filtered through the imagination of the author, having a symbolic meaning, reaching far beyond the character itself.

With the colours, the design language and intense dynamism, she achieves to break almost any interpretation limits. In her works, everybody finds a personal message – depending on the viewer’s ideas and views, albeit a positive one.



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