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Exhibition of Attila Csáji at Rovas Academy

written by Kovács Ágnes
translated by Tímea Németh 2014-05-05


Exhibition of Attila Csáji at Rovas Academy


Exhibition of Attila Csáji at Rovas Academy


Attila Csáji is an internationally recognized painter, holder of the Munkácsy Mihály Award and as the vice-president of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA) takes an active part in ensuring a fruitful collaboration between the MMA and various hungarian organisations or institutions in Košice. Thus he has been chosen as the mentor of the 20-year-old Rovas Civil Organisation.


Attila Csáji, who is a painter, graphic artist, light artist and holographic artist has his family roots in Moldava nad Bodvou. He himself lived in Košice until he was eight, when his family was deported from the city.

As a child he also lived a year in the Netherlands, where he came into contact with drawing.

The next stop was Budapest, but because of the consequences of 1956, he was exiled to the countryside and studied at the college in Eger, later got a scholarship to Rome.


Getting back from Rome he dedicated himself to the underground arts and organized a lot of avant-garde exhibitions, both at home and abroad.


From the second half of the ’60s he has been interested in shaping the pictures by light and studied the possibilities of showing the laserlight in pictures. He managed to create an internationally unique system. The methods and tools of this system were patented in 1980, which thenceforward were presented on many lectures, such as in the United States.



The exhibition is open until the 21st May.


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