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Eyes of the Music

written by Ágnes Kovács
translated by Gizella Polyák 2013-11-04


Eyes of the Music


     Daniel Vass is an art photographer from Switzerland who has aunique photography exhibition in Rovás Academy in Košice. In these interesting portraits we see the faces of some conductors and musicians from music world. Looking at them, we get a strange feeling of hearing their music, as well. 


     Daniel Vass is not only a simple photographer; he is an artist, who has a powerful inheritence. His father, Lajos Vass, was a well-known composer, conductor, chorus leader, collector of folk song, and an artistic leader of his time. 


     Sándor Agócs, a poet and editor, in his opening speech said that Daniel Vass himself started his career as a musician following his father´s  footsteps. Unfortunately he had to give up his career as a musician, because of a serious illness. At that time he decided to start taking photos of people from music life. He took wonderful snapshots of musicians and conductors in real situations. All these moment are unique, never to return again.  These artists live together with their profession and their music in symbiosis.  


     There are 33 portraits displayed in this art exhibit from a concert, showing us a strange feeling of the portraits coming alive. The portraits show us the faces of Italian-Swiss musicians from Lugano.


     The special guest of the opening ceremony was the Lajos Vass Choir of Hungarian Teachers in Slovakia, conducting Árpád Tóth and Mónika Józsa.


     Géza Horváth, a chronicler and member of the choir told us interesting anecdotes from Lajos Vass ´s adventurous life. He had lots of problems with political powers, not accepting their cruel leadership, but he never changed his point of view. The choir took up his name „Lajos Vass“  in 1992, after his death.


     The audience also heard some special stories about his son, as well as his grandson, who was born in Switzerland, but speaks Hungarian perfectly without any accent.


     The portrait exhibition may be viewed until 18 November, every Tuesday and Thursday between 9:00-18:00.

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