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Heart on the Canvas – Cor in linteo

written by Kovács Ágnes
translated by Zoltán Bartko 2015-12-20


Heart on the Canvas – Cor in linteo


Starting from 3rd December, an exhibition of the group "Heart on the Canvas – Cor in Linteo" is taking place at the Gallery of Rovás Academy. This group from Košice, Slovakia came to life two years ago, with its members being enthusiastic hobby-painters, meeting every week at the premises of Rovás Academy. The exhibited works emerged from these creative Wednesdays. 


The club is being led professionally by Peter Markov, under the auspices of guest art teachers – one of these being Jana Vojtková recently. 

The glue holding the members of the club together is the artistic drive and the will to bring joy to themselves and others. They are mostly painters; however, they deal also with graphics and sculpting, organise plein-air workshops and visit exhibitions together.  


The proud artists from academia would call these people amateurs. But that′s not important. What′s important is that they do artwork and they have a demand to create new art. 


This exhibition displays the works of the artists′ club created during the last few years. This club is a place gathering people having different artistic views: different approaches to the human spirit and soul. They process their artistic ideas using various approaches and techniques. The abundance of colors and shapes, reflecting from their paintings is a clear sign of their freedom and spontaneous spirit, both being the main characteristics of their sessions. 

As they say: "we put our hearts in our works, for our own joy – we are happy to see that we manage to convey our joy to others." 


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