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written by Ágnes Kovács
translated by Zoltán Bartko 2016-04-18




Photographs by Oszkár Kovács (Slovakia)

7th April 2016 - 11th May 2016


Did you know that Red Rock Canyon, being only 20 minutes from Las Vegas and the icebergs of Alaska have a lot in common? The photographs by Oszkár Kovács let us play with colors and shapes.


Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends!


Did you know that Red Rock Canyon, being only 20 minutes from Las Vegas and the icebergs of Alaska have a lot in common? 

Well, it did not come to my mind to draw any kind of parallel between these two totally different natural phenomena. Accidentally - or not at all - a snapshot of the red rock and the Alaskan icebergs became neighbors at the exhibition at the Contemporary Gallery in Dunajská Streda, Slovakia. There I realized the similarity of the elementary shapes of these two. 

But, in spite of being similar, they differ - their colors are totally different. One has warm hues, due to the climate it lies in, while the other shines in every variant of blue. 

Nevertheless, let us play with the idea of swaping the colors of the red rock and bluish iceberg - we would probably have a hard time telling them from each other.


Oszkár Kovács brought us interesting sights from both places and now we have the pleasure to present them at the premises of Rovás Academy. Oszkár is a photographer attracted rather to the beauties of natures and living creatures - both the distant horizons, and objects very near. 

As he stated, the red rocks made his heart beat faster. However, he did not only take pictures of them, ha also climbed them, back in 2008. The icebergs floating in and falling into the sea appeared to him in 2006, when he sailed past them. Glacier Bay is only 80 km away from the capital of Alaska, Juneau. This is the largest national park in the region and the world′s largest protected marine area. Its surface of 13350 km2 exceeds even the surface of the state of Connecticut, USA.


Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends!

Allow yourself an experiment of thought while watching these pictures: feel the heat of the red rocks, shiver in front of the glaciers and then try to swap the hues of these two. 


Hereby I declare this exhibition opened.

The exhibition is available to the public at the premises of Rovás Academy (Kmeťova 34, Košice, Slovakia) until 11th May,

daily, from 10 AM to 6 PM.



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