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HUngarikums - Hungarian values

written by Kovács Ágnes
translated by Zoltán Bartko 2017-11-08


HUngarikums - Hungarian values


A mini-exhibition at MaJel

/Kosice, Alzbetina 42/


On October 24, along with the opening ceremony of the House of Hungarian Presence (MaJel) we opened (also) an exhibition of HUngarikums - Hungarian values, This mini-exhibition uses large photos, tangible products and objects to show the cultural values and traditions of the Hungarians and what Hungary gave to the world.  


The pyramid of Hungarian values differs from the traditional systems of trade marks - Hungary introduced intangible assets into the system of values, not only tangible products and services. Besides spirits (pálinka), Tokaj wine and foie gras (libamáj), the folk arts of the Matyó or Kalocsa regions, the folk dance gatherings (táncház) and even the region of Hortobágy belong to the traditional Hungarian values - Hungarikums.


The Hungarian system of traditions has a double aim: to conserve our national identity and to show the differences to the world. 


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