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Szabó Ottó


Zeman Zoltán


The Rovas Evening School of Free Fine Art 

International Rovas Creative Fellowship - eNRA


The Rovas Evening School of Free Fine Art is a free continuation of the iniciative of painters 

Elemér Halász-Hradil  and Lajos Csordák later carried on by Jenő Krón and Béla Löffler.


The members of Rovas are focusing primarily on professionalism and achieving high artistical standards. In order to passing all their knowledge and experience to the younger generation they have established the Evening School of Free Fine Art.This institution helps artists at the beginning of their carreer developing their profile and line of activities.The curriculum has a spesific educational structure devided into courses.


The graduates receive their diploma from their tutor. The tutor’s qualifications, professionalism and echievements guarantee the value of the diploma in case the graduate would like to enter a fine art academy. Currently there are six artists running their courses based on figurative drawing (sitting and standing figure, compositions, nudes), painting techniques (oil, aquarelle, acrylic), graphic arts techniques, (serigraphy, bookbinding), digital graphics (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, inDesign), photo (studio-, in door-, out door-, digital photo and its processing), and sculpturing.


The Evening School of Free Fine Art is not aiming exclusively at making artists out of their students. They can also build a carreer in the field of applied art, digital design and marketing.


The International Rovas Creative Fellowship – eNRA consists of highly qualified professionals known in the world of fine- as well as contemporary art. Some of them are teachers at art colleges others are free-lance artists. The members of eNRA propagate the independence of fine art and do not accept conceptual art as the only trend above all others. It is regarded as one of the ways representing no special value. At the same time the eNRA is open for innovations and all kind of manifestation of fine art. The eNRA does not accept the hegemony of new academism forcing its view of life as the only true perspective on everybody and is against the globalization of tools of expression.


  1. Otto Szabó Ottó (Sk)
  2. György Katona (Hu)
  3. Attila Diénes (Hu)
  4. Mgr. Ágnes Kovács (Sk)
  5. Eva Tkáčiková (Sk)
  6. Milan Špak (Sk)
  7. Mgr. Adrianna Gergely Papp (Sk)
  8. Nicu Barb (Ro)
  9. Mgr. Mária Bottová (Sk)
  10. Ondrej Koreň (Sk)
  11. Szandra Tasnády (Hu)
  12. Jozef Borisza (Sk)
  13. MA Zoltan Zeman (Hu)
  14. MA Vica Juhász Zeman (Hu)
  15. Bullet Shih (USA)
  16. Barnabas Bodis (Ro) 
  17. Michal Novák (Srb)
  18. Bea Barkos (Hu)
  19. Krisztina Tornay (Hu) 
  20. László Kiss (Hu)
  21. Viktória Mucza (Hu)
  22. Vojtech Ferdics (Sk)
  23. Gabriel Ferdics (Sk)
  24. Daniel Szalay (Sk)
  25. PhDr. Miroslav Procházka (SK)
  26. Erzsébet Sebestyén (Hu)
  27. Alice Bánó (Sk)
  28. Sylvia Ponyiczky (En)
  29. Slávka Hriadelová (Sk)

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