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What is Rovas

The Headquarters of the Rovás Association: Kmeťova 34, 040 01 Kosice, Slovakia

The Headquarters of the eNRA: Alžbetína 42, Košice

President: Mgr. art. Otto Szabó

Vice President: Mgr. Adrianna Gergely Papp

Financial Director: Bea Csobády

Director of the Rovas Academy: Mgr. Ágnes Kovács

Web design: Zoltán Zeman


Tel.: +421 (0) 907 925 796, +421 (0) 902 529 330

Registration number: 31298630

VAT number: 2021539102

Bank account number: SK05 0200 0000 0013 3636 5753



               ROVÁS as a free creative fellowship was founded in 1994. As civil association it has been registered in the Ministry for Home Affairs of Slovak Republic in 1999. Its activities are carried out mainly in the filed of culture and creativity focusing at fine art, literature, film, theatre, intermedial art and supporting talents. Its mission is creating intellectual values. The association is organizing exhibitions, workshops, courses, creative camps, symposiums with different topics such as fine art, history, society and is also engaged in web designing, art logistics and publishing.


               The online newspaper of Rovás, – ISSN 1337-7167 is continuosly active and updated since 2004.


                In 2010 The Rovás Association entered a competition for the vila of well known sculpture artist Béla Löffler. Due to a successful project the Rovás has won the use of the building for lowered rent and established The Rovás Free Academy there.

                 In The same year the association has been given the title of Pro Cultura Hungarica.


                 The building of Rovás Academy gives home for a contemporary gallery, art café, private library, reading room, equipped painting-, drawing-, graphic-, craphts-, sculptural ateliers, photo studio. These premises form excellent environment for young artists for co-working. There are also three rooms and one apartment situated on the first floor of the building that provide ideal conditions for residential projects. There are three clubs operating in the building run by Rovas: TeatRovas, the pilot theatre (founded in 2010), Evening School of Free Fine Art (founded in 2010), eNRA – International Rovas Creative Fellowship. The  eNRA with almost forty members is the biggest creative community in Kosice. It gathers artists, craphtsmen and theoreticians from the Highland (Slovakia), Transylvania, Subcarpathia (Ukraine) and Serbia.



Mission Statement


The members of Rovas are continuously aiming at gaining higher qualifications through selftraining. They are dedicated to helping young talents by sharing their expertise and organize wide range of activities for different target groups on international level. The association with its echievemnts would like to

      –    contribute to raising standards in the cultural life of Slovakia and Hungary.

-       revaluate the quality of Hungarian fine art in Slovakia.

-       to bring closer the different age groups and nationalities of representatives of contemporay art and their fans to each other.

-       to demonstarte the presence of Hungarian culture in Kosice

-       to be an excellent example of Slovak – Hungarian cooperation.



The Rovas Evening School of Free Fine Art

International Rovas Creative Fellowship - eNRA


The Rovas Evening School of Free Fine Art is a free continuation of the iniciative of painters Elemér Halász-Hradil  and Lajos Csordák later carried on by Jenő Krón and Béla Löffler.

The members of Rovas are focusing primarily on professionalism and achieving high artistical standards. In order to passing all their knowledge and experience to the younger generation they have established the Evening School of Free Fine Art.This institution helps artists at the beginning of their carreer developing their profile and line of activities.The curriculum has a spesific educational structure devided into courses.

The graduates receive their diploma from their tutor. The tutor’s qualifications, professionalism and echievements guarantee the value of the diploma in case the graduate would like to enter a fine art academy. Currently there are six artists running their courses based on figurative drawing (sitting and standing figure, compositions, nudes), painting techniques (oil, aquarelle, acrylic), graphic arts techniques, (serigraphy, bookbinding), digital graphics (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, inDesign), photo (studio-, in door-, out door-, digital photo and its processing), and sculpturing.


The Evening School of Free Fine Art is not aiming exclusively at making artists out of their students. They can also build a carreer in the field of applied art, digital design and marketing.


eNRA - International Creative Fellowship of the Artists of 'Rovás'
Since 1994 the yearly art camps of Rovás have gradually developed into master camps. Owing to its participants the International Creative Fellowship, also known as eNRA, was formed. The camps are held in Aita Medie, Covasna (Romania), in Košice at the Rovás Academy (Slovakia) and in Tihany at the artists' colony of The Hungarian University of Fine Arts every year. The master camps' aim is that the invited artists can bring along their students in order to work together. Later the students based on their achievements can apply to join eNRA and become the streams of intellectual refreshment. 
eNRA supports creativity and the freedom of art which can be influenced neither by stylish trends nor by the lack of expertise. For us freedom of art means uncontrolled and independent creation. It does not hide behind the phrase "contemporary art" furthermore does not try to seek an alibi in subjectivism. 
eNRA breaks a lance for freedom and independence of arts. It accepts that there are several modern, contemporary art trends and forms such as conceptual art, body art, environmental art or new media experiments, but eNRA does not acknowledge their exclusivity. None of them is considered having unique values or being any better than other forms of expression. eNRA is open to all kind of artistic manifestations, innovations of form and new possibilities of expression. 
Identification with the above mentioned values led to the establishment of eNRa. The members are highly qualified professionals and are well known in the Eastern European contemporary art world. Most of them are high school or university teachers in the fields   of art, craft and design education, but there are freelance artists too. Demonstrating a high degree of professionalism the members are dedicated to creativity and vocation awareness. Affiliates of the graphic art section of Rovás Civil Organisation are painters, sculptors, architects, graphic artists and applied artists who represent Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Hungary. 



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