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László Miklosovits

written by Ágnes Kovács
translated by Zoltán Bartko 2016-10-09


László Miklosovits


Rovás Academy, Košice

4 October 2016



Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends!


I am very glad to welcome all of you at our today′s exhibition opening here at Rovás Academy. Please, allow me to introduce you graphic artist László Miklosovits, who came to us with the Mayor of Albertirsa, Hungary, Mr. László Fazekas.


Please, allow me to say a few words first about Albertirsa (Pest County, Hungary), where the artist lives - it is not foreign to us, either. Within Rovás, we have created the eNRA, The International Rovás Creative Community, which had its group exhibition at the local community centre sometime in October 2012.


However, this time we have gathered to see the exhibition of graphic artist László Miklosovits. The Lexicon of Contemporary Artists says "he has fascinating drawing skills, his works are worked out in great detail, on the other hand, he is terse in expressing the essence."


Once I heard a radio interview, where László Miklosovits confessed about himself. This radio interview helped me to get acquainted with the artist deeper perspective. I have found out that even his grandfather used to work as a graphic artist at a banknote printing company, his affiliation to drawing is therefore a sort of a family business. During his childhood, he often went to research to the attic of his grandfather, where he found numerous book illustrations, especially illustrations to books by János Arany. It was especially these drawings and the poet, who inspired him in his life. The illustrations to the works of Arany dealt with knights, noble people and dignity, which led him to create his own behaviour. 


When he was about 16 or 17, Miklosovits became solitaire - he went to Budapest, Hungary, where another poet - László Nagy - became his mentor and supporter, both directly and indirectly. With his help, Miklosovits′ graphic works could regularly appear on the title pages of the magazine Élet és Irodalom (Life & Literature). 


His third literary connection is Sándor Márai - this relationship started before the change of the political regime of 1989. As a result of this connection,, about 60 to 80 pictures, graphics, and associations emerged, inspired by the works of Márai. In September this year, these graphic works were exhibited at the central library facility of the Metropolitan library of Ervin Szabó in Budapest, Hungary - these were already exhibited also in Košice, Slovakia, in 1998 and 2000.

It is clear that the works of Miklosovits have always been driven by literature and art - nevertheless, he also works as a renowned book illustrator. 


In addition to this, he has also made an excursion to another territory - hunting - though only as an artist. From 1982 onwards, his paintings and drawings have been published in the hunting magazine Nimród. This detail is important to me, because my father subscribed to this magazine and I have always been fascinated by the illustrations - even though I didn′t know the artist in person.


Miklosovits has always considered Lajos Ujváry to be his master, who let him experiment and did not limit him in his art.

Miklosovits′ drawings range from the precise graphics, restricted only to a few lines, concentrated expressions, to the detailed drawings, to individual graphics using monumental positive and/or negative forms, full of symbolism and to prints using various techniques.


Dear guests, enter the universe of these works of true art, exhibited here today. 





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