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Maria Pilgrimage

written by Kovács Ágnes
translated by Boglárka Sirgely 2014-03-24


Maria Pilgrimage


     The opening ceremony began with the song sang by Katalin Simon Bárdos, later the exhibition was opened by a pilgrim, István Bárdos who participated in the first pilgrimage to Șumuleu Ciuc in 2008. He was acquainted with the pilgrimages in Mezőnyárád (Bükkalja) thanks to his grandparents. The family gathered at the church′s indulgence, attended the service, than the festive lunch and and ceremony.


     During the Maria Pilgrimage, starting in Mariazell (Austria) and ending in Șumuleu Ciuc, pilgrims visit all the holy places of this site. It also passes through Slovakia where it crosses another pilgrimage route which is from Częstochowa to Medzsugorje.


     The oil paintings of Dániel László, born in Budapest, who participated on the pilgrimage of Șumuleu Ciuc in 2010/2011, are like a diary of his memories on the canvasses.


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