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one after the other, every day...

written by Kovács Ágnes
translated by Zoltán Bartko 2016-05-23


one after the other, every day...


Thoughts before the grand journey – Szymbark, Poland

(Museum of Ottó Herman – Gallery of Miskolc, Hungary, 2015) 


Diary, with common day images 

(Szymbark – Gallery of Contemporary Art, Poland, 2015)


"one after the other, every day..."

(Rovás Free Academy, Košice, Slovakia, 2016)


Painter and sculptor Zdzislaw Tohl, the director of the Contemporary Art Gallery and Skansen Museum in Gorlice, Poland invited Tibor Urbán to present his works in form of a separate exhibition at the contemporary art gallery at the renaissance château of Szymbark, Poland. 


With this invitation, Tibor Urbán could visit a barely known town and its château, in which the rich history and the multilateral contemporary efforts amalgamated into a true Polish phenomenon. 

Tibor Urbán decided to make a picture every day until the opening of the exhibition in Poland, thus a "visual diary", containing only works of art. He started the work on 20 September 2014... by 4 September 2015, the opening of the exhibition entitled Diary, with common day images, he managed to produce 355 works.


"I make the images on identical, A4 size paper sheets, with various techniques – all will be (I hope) installed in 297x210cm black frames. I managed to put together this visual diary in a year and I hope, it will present me, the person and the artist, too. This series of images will be a summary of all information I perceive and depict my visual reaction to it. My everyday life will ritually stop at these evenings, I will focus only on the preparation of the journey in these images and hope for true documentation of the events. This series of images is about free art, the improvisational freedom of my imagination, the presentation of my state of mind – I hope to use it as an appropriate presentation of myself in this country, known of its artistic heights. The topic changes from day to day, dreams and wishes mix with achieved and unachievable goals. The goal is not to present perfection, but the way leading to it, with the concept being defined by accenting the independence of the details. It will be the ideas of a Hungarian, European man being put on paper, describing a personal story of the event occurring in his surroundings-. By this exhibition I hope to gain experience and I am open to both the acceptation and rejection by the professionals and laymen from the other nation." – wrote Tibor Urbán.


By extending all of this, the artist hopes that the individual exhibitions will help him design the subsequent exhibitions. He may decide, whether any topicality is necessary or he should stick to his original idea and continue with presenting his works in their chronological order. In the meantime, he will see, whether the series of images, flowing one after the other, are worth keeping – even without finishing the concept – and how the incompleteness (issuing from the lack of a timeframe) influences the possibilities of exhibition of the works.

The acceptance of the exhibition in Miskolc, Hungary and Szymbark, Poland was of great support to the author, however, an answer to the question may be another exhibition, held this time at the Löffler villa, at the Rovás Free Academy. It may become clear in Košice, Slovakia, whether viewers from another culture are capable of valuing the "benign" information flow produced by the images, or they just take samples from the works.  Anything is possible, this is the beauty in all this – the interpretation of the universe in its infinity is a privilege of the author and any nation in world.






The exhibition of Tibor Urbán


Ladies and gentlemen!


“Art lifts a man up high, it makes every vibration of his soul noble and magnificently beautiful."  (Gogol)


Tibor Urbán is a simple person, nevertheless, he lives in the artistic heights mentioned by Gogol.


Describing the art of Tibor is both easy and tough for me, since he has been a friend and colleague of mine for a long time. I am biased in favour of him. I like the art of Tibor and I respect him as a person.


I have some paintings of Tibor Urbán on the walls of my home, so, almost living in them, I can say the following:

The artistic views of Tibor Urbán are based on a feature unique to him, a specific aspect: the aspect of expressing perpetual value beyond the reality depicted in his images, seen in his inspiration.


As far as paintings are concerned, the colors and brush strokes he uses and the expressive power of his pictures conduct emotions to the viewer, which cannot be expressed in words. It is a tough job to capture the eye with a painted image - I believe there are many visual stimuli bombing all of us every day; nevertheless, showing a new world and drawing the attention of the viewer in a way the viewer cannot express in words is an enormous task and Tibor Urbán found a unique way of accomplishing it.


By exhibitions, artists present their ideas of the world and everything they consider important to the public in a concise form. Tibor Urbán, the artist does just the same.

It is so simple: he is an artist. This single expression makes all attributes unimportant, because the content expresses the precondition of the talent given and the knowledge gained - these help him express the world in a compressed form in his aesthetic works, in his unique and original way. Both the visible and the invisible world. 


Take a look at the exhibition of Tibor Urbán.



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