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Organic Architecture in Akademy Rovás

written by Kovács Ágnes
translated by Gizella Polyák 2013-10-15


Organic Architecture in Akademy Rovás


The rigid geometrical architecture destroys human´s feelings-states the philosophy of organic architecture.  Gábor Pap, a well-known hungarian art historian opened a new exhibition with these words.

Gábor Tamás and his wife Sarolta Leták, both professional architects from Budapest, are deeply influenced by organic architecture. In their more than a dozen works are found the entire elements of this artistic style. The philosphy of the organic architecture promotes harmony between human habitation and the natural world through design approaches. 

Gábor Tamás was welcomed and praised by Péter Pásztor, a professional architect and  university professor from Košice. He also shared  a personal story with an audience from the past. It was in 1989 when he first met Gábor Tamás in Hungary in the Makona Architectural Studio of Imre Makovecz. „At that moment I realized, that all these creative young architects know much more about architecture than me, and I was 40 at that time.“          

Gábor Tamás, or Curly, as friends call him, is a passionate artist, working on every project with all of his energy. His works and designs are well-known not just in Hungary, but also in Slovakia. An organic church in Debraď, Slovakia, is also one of his works. He believes that the dull geometrical  architecture and the organic architecture cannot exist side by side for a long time. The cold panels with their greyness destroy the warmest human feelings in us. Unfortunately many family houses today follow the tendency to copy the panel architecture, believing that what is modern, must be beautiful as well.      

The official opening ceremony was followed by a lively roundtable discussion with many interesting moments. Here Gábor Tamás said, that his work is mostly influenced by folk architecture. He says that he doesn´t merely  design; he creates.  His philosophy says, that we don´t live in the house, we live with the house-it makes a big difference. It´s a kind of symbiosis, with the building and the human cooperating. His highest appreciation from Imre Makovecz was the following sentence: „What I couldn´t achieve, you did.“

This unique exhibition „The Light and the Man“ will be on view until 29 October in the Gallery of Academy Rovás, every Tuesday and Thursday between 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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