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Photos of the Bodva Valley

written by Ágnes Kovács
translated by Boglárka Sirgely 2014-01-25


Photos of the Bodva Valley


    The exhibition could be seen for the first time in Hídvégardó (Hungary). The photos were chosen from more than a hundred submitted photos as a result of a project which was called last year by the internet media BodvaPress, who named it Objectively.

     The project was very successful, we got 672 photos from 36 artists. The judges struggled to choose the best one from those beautiful and pretentious photos because many of them deserved the first place. According to the judges, the first 50 photos got almost the same number of points. However, the decision was not only made by the judges. Visitors could also vote on the internet for the best work. Despite of these decisions there were left so many photos which could propagate our region on the billboards, too.

     The photos showed not only the natural heritage, churches, castles and other buildings of the region, but also the everyday life of the inhabitants. Photos were taken by professional and amateur photographers, too. These people visited the places many times to shoot at the best light- and weather conditions. However, for many photos we may thank the smart photographer and his camera, which was always by the hand, for capturing the right moments.


     Among the 14 winners was Viktor Szemán (2nd place) from the Bodva river’s upper region, with his photo of the plant church in Debraď. Boldizsár Lukács won the first place with his photo of the Rakacai Lake and the third winner was Tamás Sztricskó for its photo called Blooming.      The judges suggested 13 more awarded artists thanks to the offered grants.

     The exhibiton is available from 10 to 18 o’clock to 17th of February at the  Rovás Gallery in Košice.



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