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Review of the Rovas’s year of 2013

written by Kovács Ágnes
translated by Boglárka Sirgely 2014-01-20


Review of the Rovas’s year of 2013


     Košice was the European Capital of Culture in 2013. This encouraged the organizations of Košice, as well as the Rovas, to arrange many great events, however the projects of the artistic group and other Hungarian organizations were not supported. These were carried out thanks to the own budget and other projects, also by big enthusiasm and voluntary work.


     ”The sentence, we need Mohács, was confirmed many times.” – the Rovas’ chairman, Ottó Szabó began his speech.”We have organized more than 160 events and all of them were worthwhile realized by voluntary work with enthusiasm and calling.”


     Many exhibitions were on the list, such as discourses, various performances, book presentations including programmes like the three expositions supported by Hungarian Academy of Arts, where artists like Péter Prutkay (awarded by Munkácsy Prize), Péter Stefanovics and László Haris were present, too.


     The Rovas created an opportunity called Rožňava Summer in Košice for The Mining Museum of Rožňava to present itself, so the institution applied at the gallery of Rovas Academy with three different exhibitions. The opening hours of the gallery were set, and the courses of painting, sculpting and figure drawing were organized regularly, four times a week for the beginners and advanced, students and adults, too. These activities of the Rovas Academy have tried to continue the efforts of Košice’s artists like Lajos Csordák, Elemér Halász-Hradil, the drawing and evening workshops of Jenő Krón, and the sculptor, Béla Löffler. The TeatRovás functioning under the auspices of the Rovás, organized three presentations. The classes of Ropás! folk dance school were held regularly, three times a week.


     The summer season had elapsed in terms of organizing traditional summer creative camps held in 3 different places. The artists who wanted to spend their time creating something new together have met in Transylvanian Aita Medie, Tihany and Košice. The eNRA group was created by the visitors of summer camps and other creative artists from Transylvania, Hungary, the southern region and the Highland.


     The works of the eNRA were on view in November in Rožňava’s mining museum gallery and can also be seen in Komarno’s Limes Gallery from the beginning of December to February.

The selection from the exhibition in Komárno will pass on to Esztergom‘s Rondella Gallery, the original pieces will be received by the Miskolc City Gallery and the Academy of Hungary in Rome in the middle of the year.


     The Rovart webmagazine, the Rovas Art Group‘s pillar of support, will celebrate its anniversary in 2014 as well as the 20-year-old Rovas. These anniversaries will encourage the organization to make and publish a summary of these events. 


     Even the review itself was not only a celebration, there were various creative workshops of painting, drawing, photoshooting; some guests showed their baking and cooking skills, while others were enjoying the concert and the dramatic performance.





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