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Searching for ways in colour – an exhibition of Kiss Palencsár Ildikó

written by Kovács Ágnes
translated by Zoltán Bartko 2015-08-02


Searching for ways in colour – an exhibition of Kiss Palencsár Ildikó


This year′s summer exhibition is a compilation of the works of a painter and art teacher living Hungary, born in Košice, Slovakia. Her name is Kiss-Palencsár "Ildi" Ildikó – I had the pleasure to get to know her during the three years we have spent at the Comenius Teacher Training College in Sárospatak, Hungary. Though, during the Košice years she used to go to the Hungarian grammar school ("gimnázium"), while I was a student of the local Hungarian vocational school ("ipari") , we did not know each other at the time yet. Nevertheless, after the change of the political regime we have met in Sárospatak – along with four other students from the "Upland" (Slovakia), four students from the Subcarpathian Region (Ukraine) and four students from Transylvania we were the first generation of people attending the school with a scholarship.  


Ildi an I became members of the graphic society at the school. While I never was sure of my decision, as far as I can tell, the choice of the society was never an issue of hers. It was evident that she drew well and that she had talent. Our teachers of visual training at the school in Sárospatak, master Balogh, i.e. István Balogh and his wife Zsuzsa Sándor did a great job in amplifying the greater or lesser art talent of the students attending their courses. Though I have never taken a brush in my hands since then (in addition to the cases of painting our gate or the walls of our house), she has been living under the influence of arts. Today, she works as a teacher of art in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, though she also graduated at the University of Kaposvár in drawing and communications. 


Ildi – as she stated it herself – always wanted to become an illustrator: when I first saw her works at the "Prepart" exhibition in 2007 at Sárospatak, Hungary (organised every five years from the works of the graduated students of the graphic society at the Comenius Teacher Training College of Sárospatak, Hungary), my first idea was that she could become an exceptional illustrator. Back in 2007, I was at the exhibition in Sárospatak and seeing some of her works there I decided to make an exhibition of Ildi here, Košice, too.  However, we managed to do this only eight years later, today. But we did it!



Her works exhibited here show a very varied picture of hers, in terms of techniques, topics and colours, too. This is due to the fact that this is a kind of an anthology, exhibiting a selection of the works created during the last 20 years. One could say – along with the title of the exhibition – that Ildi is searching for her way. I wish her to find it the soonest possible, nevertheless, maybe searching for it forever may be even better, for the uncertainty of the search is a blessed state.



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