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The eNRA at Budapest

written by Ágnes Kovács
translated by Tímea Németh 2014-05-06


The eNRA at Budapest


     The art section’s exhibition of Rovás Civil Organisation, called “eNRA” has opened its gates on the 25th of April at Budapest. The exhibition’s location can be found on Bartók Béla Street 1.; on the Buda side of the Liberty Bridge, behind the Hotel Gellért at the so-called Art IX-XI Gallery which is ran by the Sensaria Group.


     Out of 37 artists 22 are exhibiting, who are mostly from Transylvania, Hungary and Vojvodina. The exhibition is saloonlike but smashing: it’s a pure demonstration of strong individuality and natural talent and includes artists, who think that workmanship is as much important as the value of arts. This kind of duality is the keystone of “eNRA”.


     Dániel László, leader of the Sensaria Group exhibited his paintings in March, at the Rovás Gallery in Košice, where an agreement has been made between the two organizations about organizing one exhibition per year, both in Košice and Budapest.


     Apparently not just the invited guests found the opening interesting but many others, such as the passers-by who stopped by to see the exhibition or the tourists who were also the hotel’s guests.


     Mária Prokopp, the well-known art historian who taught several aesthetes and art historians at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), and Lajos Lóska, one of the editors of the review Új Művészet and curator of MMA exhibitions also honoured the exhibiting artists with their presence.


     The power of “eNRA” is based on its variegation, emphasizes the difference between the individual and the specific, honours the vocation and the right to artistic freedom. All the group members are fond of the freedom of creative process, so the arts mean kind of a lifestyle to them. They cannot be analyzed or restrained by theoreticians, their value doesn’t depend on wheter they can or cannot be a part of a concept.


The group’s artists are independent and they have nothing to do with politics. They disagree on the view that a young artist must compulsorily be liberal, or the most valuable fruits are always on the right side of the apple tree. They disagree on the view, that while searching for their path some of the artists should be academized or the fresh experiments on the media should be treated as an absolute value. There isn’t just one road which gets someone forward, but every attempt to find a path is an opportunity to the artist to find himself.

Himself, and not just another trendy idea which stands in the way of the right recognition.


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