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The eNRA in Rožňava, Slovakia

written by Kovács Ágnes
translated by Németh Tímea 2014-11-23


The eNRA in Rožňava, Slovakia


The eNRA exhibition opened its gates for the very first time at the Mining Museum in Rožňava last year. Based on this co-operation, both the Museum and the Rovás Art Group would like to establish a tradition, just as they did in the case of the art camp called “Értjük egymást–Rozumieme si–Ne intelegem” [We understand each other]. This year it was the 5th time that the eNRA members met at three different places: in Aita Medie, Romania (Középajta in Hungarian); Tihany, Hungary and Košice, Slovakia. The aforesaid exhibition gives the visitor a foretaste of the works created by the 30 artists participating at these prolific camps. (The exhibition lacks the Transylvanian artists’ works; these couldn’t be exhibited due to technical reasons).


One may wonder how 30 artists can work within the same scope. The answer is quite simple: they can’t. There is no need to search for any concept of style, theme or unity at eNRA’s exhibitions. Unity means thinking alike – the fact of having all these artists working together every summer, while being on the same wavelength. In other words: Hungarian, Slovakian and Romanian artists speak the universal language of art, that’s why they understand each other so well.


Furthermore, eNRA is filling some kind of gap, because Ottó Szabó established eNRA at the time when Europe academized conceptual and intermedial arts and the existence of the Association of Hungarian Artists in Slovakia ceased, while other ‘isms‘ and styles – creating even more valuable works – existed alongside the two aforementioned artistic movements. Thus, eNRA stands for an intellectual community; it isn’t a style but rather a kind of conduct.


It is a community of artists, who consider art to be a lifestyle, not ostentation. Here they stand:



Attila Diénes (Hu), Ottó Szabó (Sk), Kata Könyv (Hu), Szabina Szenográdi (Hu), Zoltán Zeman (Sk), Barnabás Bódis (Hu), Szilvia Ponyiczky (En), Lóránt Ágoston (Hu), Viktória Zeleyné Mucza (Hu), Tímea Tóth (Sk), József Borisza Borsó (Sk), Eva Tkáčiková (Sk), Samuel Čarnoky (Sk), Ľuda Benková (Sk), Maya Bott (Sk), György Katona (Hu), Bullet Shih (USA), Baffy Tilda (Sk), Erzsébet Sebestyén (Hu), László Rácz (Sk), Krisztina Tornay (Hu), Adél Kiss (Hu), László Kiss (Hu), Enikő Kolmont (Hu), András Koreň (Sk), Oszkár Kovács (Sk), Milan Špak (Sk), Jozef Kužidlo (Sk), István Gráma Pedró (Ro), Michal Novák  (Srb)



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