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The eNRA in Rožňava, Slovakia

written by Ágnes Kovács
translated by Zoltán Bartko 2016-12-18


The eNRA in Rožňava, Slovakia


The wording of the opening speech:


Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends!


Again, we have gathered here, at the gallery of the Mining Museum of Rožňava, located at the Main Square, to present you the works created during this year′s summer camp of eNRA, the International Creative Community of Rovás. Rovás is a very important pillar of these summer camps, being held for the seventh time this year, at three venues: in Transylvania, in Slovakia and in Hungary. We do our best to find appropriate venues to present the works created during the summer camps. One of these appropriate places is the gallery of the Mining Musuem in Rožňava, the existence of this year′s exhibition is a courtesy of the management and the staff of the Museum. We′ve been cooperating with the Museum since 2013 - the counter-service for the exhibitions here is providing space for the great exhibitions of the Museum in Košice, at the gallery of the Rovás Academy. 


What was the idea that led to the foundation of the eNRA - the International Rovás Creative Community - in 2012? Every year, it is almost the same group of artists, who wish to participate in these camps, which gave birth to very close friendships, culminating every summer. This demand for getting together is the foundation for the existence of the eNRA camps. 


We even have a characteristic of eNRA - almost a definition - we express every year. It is as follows: The eNRA prefers free arts and free creativity, uninfluenced by the fashionable trends or the lack of expertise. Free arts means unlimited, independent creativity, which doesn′t hide behind the label of "contemporary art" and doesn′t try to find an alibi in subjectivism.


The aim of every artists, taking part in our artist camps is to create works allowing them to make their own exhibition. We create together and - necessarily - influence each other. The various venues are opportunities to join this artistic community. We invite ever more new artists to join us, so this international, though mostly Hungarian group of artists, the eNRA came to life.


Among this year′s exhibitors you may find the works of two artists, bearers of the Munkácsy-prize: Attila Dienes, sculptor and Márton Barabás, painter. 28 artists from Transylvania, Slovakia, Hungary and the former Yugoslavia exhibit here today - all of them being strong personalities and real talents. This is an exhibition of artists, to whom the professional skills are equally important as their artistic expression. This dualism is one of the strengths of eNRA.


People often do not understand, why do we do all of this in Rovás as volunteers, in our free time, using project finances. We do it to get involved in the artistic and cultural life of Slovakia and Hungary, to participate in the re-evaluation of the quality of fine arts, to bring the various groups of different ethnicity and age closer to each other - both the representatives and the fans of contemporary art. A last, but not least, because everybody needs to belong somewhere and together we grow strong.


Ladies and gentlemen! Hereby I declare the exhibition open. Please, enter the universe of these works of true art, exhibited here today. 

(Ágnes Kovács, curator)


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