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The eNRA in Rožňava

written by Ágnes Kovács
translated by Gizella Polyák 2013-11-02


The eNRA in Rožňava


     The eNRA, e-nternational Artistic Group of Rovás, was established in 2012 as a subgroup within Rovás Academy. Since 1994 there have been various summer creative camps organized by Rovás. In the last four years these summer  workshops took place in three different locations in three different countries. One place is in  Transylvania-Középajta, the second is in Slovakia-Košice and the third is in Hungary-Tihany. All these international workshops have already  reached a master level. The main point  of these meetings is to come together in one place to create freely. This is the place where the professional artists and their students work together, inspire each other and learn from this experience. 


     Rovás Civil Organization´s art section includes artists from Transylvania, Serbia, Slovakia and from Hungary. All these creative artists-architectures, sculptors, graphic artists, painters and craftsmen-are against the dull conceptual trends, very popular today, where the theorists decide what is art and what is not actually art. 


     The art exhibition of eNRA represents this creative group of enthusiastic artists from different countries, but with the common language of arts. All the summer camps were full of new ideas and new experiences, where all artists could find something useful and interesting.  These summer workshops are also unique for their method of learning, where the master and his student are equal partners.


      These artists do not accept anything conceptual, they are against the modern global trends. They create, because they love to create, not because they have to. Their work is based on creativity and flexibility. Their  credo can be the following: FREEDOM in ARTS.

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