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The eNRA

written by Ottó Szabó
translated by Szabolcs Dudás 2013-06-22


The eNRA


The summer camps of Rovás are one-month-events, currently for the fourth consecutive year and the exhibitions of the outcomes of the camps wish to present the community which gathers each year at the International Rovás Creative Camps. Among the members of the eNRA there are made artists and university students, wing-testing beginners and recognized artists with mature oeuvres, who are linked by the summers spent together, shared values and the joy of creating art together.

The eNRA works under the aegis of Rovás, though not everyone is a member of the association. They joust with the freedom and independence of art. They refuse the hegemony of the one and only academic trend and language globalization. They create freely, out of vocation and not according to superior Pharisees values.


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