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The exhibition of József "Borsó" Borisza

written by Kovács Ágnes
translated by Denisa Ambrúž 2015-01-05


The exhibition of József


Villages, cities. This title was given by József Borisza - who is known only as Borsó (Pea) - to his first independent exhibition, which we opened at Rovas Academic Gallery on the 31st of December 2014. 


According to our good, old habit Rovas was working even on New Year´s Eve although this work we had to finish was for us as pleasant as important and useful too. We had an opportunity to open an exhibition to long time member and a friend as József Borsó Borisza or as everyone knows and calls him Borsó (Pea).


Over the last few weeks Borsó (Pea)  worked incredibly hard in order to exhibit more than 30 of his paintings at Rovas Academy. Only an individual with such a strong emotional connection towards  art is able to acheive such a feat. Borsó (Pea) is a member of eNRA which was established in 2012, an International Creative Community whose members are artists who preffer inspiration and dedication beside the high professional knowledge. If we look at Borsó (Pea´s) works there is no doubd about his artistic technique, even though he didn´t study at a conventional art Academy. Those of us who have known him for a long time, will remember that he started out at a young age drawing cartoons. When I look at Borsó (Pea´s) pictures always remindes me of the comics because also these paintings are equally expressive. They have so many small details, that if we enlarge each and every one of them as individual pictures, they  would stand out on their own.



It was a great pleasure, during the opening ceremony, to welcome among us Mr. Ádám Szesztay main consul and consul´s colleague Mr. Levente Bitay who honored us with the last cultural event in 2014. The next event in 2015 will mark 21 years since Rovas was founded.


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