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The exhibition of Márton Barabás at Rovás

written by Ágnes Kovács
translated by Zoltán Bartko 2017-04-05


The exhibition of  Márton Barabás at Rovás


The exhibition of Márton Barabás, the Munkácsy award winner painter was opened to the public at the gallery of Rovás Academy in Košice, Slovakia, Below you may find the opening speech:


Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends!


I am very glad to welcome you here at our new exhibition opening at the Rovás Academy.

We have the pleasure to open an exhibition of an artist not unknown to Rovás at all. It is an honour to give a warm welcome to Munkácsy award winner Márton Barabás, whom we came to know  last summer, when he participated in one of the camps of Rovás.


There were many talented artists in the Barabás family, for example Márton′s grandfather used to paint landscapes. At first, Márton Barabás tried to find new possibilities in the field of traditional landscape painting, but he was exceptional also as a portraitist, similarly to his grandfather, or another relative of his, Miklós Barabás. This year, it is the bicentennial of the birth of the great Hungarian poet, János Arany, so I thought I would show you one of the most known portraits of Arany, drawn by Miklós Barabás. 


However, let us get back now to Márton Barabás: he is a man of abstract art, he makes paintings, sculptures, installations and sculptures made out of books. The artist creates his sculptures made out of books using mainly internal components, hammers and keys rescued from discarded pianos. He incorporates these into musical scores or other publications. His first painting painted on a piano lid was featured in Hungarian pavilion of the 1980 Venice Biennalle. As far as the piano lid is concerned, the painting on it "happens" beyond a frame. So, the motives acquire such a new range of meanings, which are not available on a canvas.


He paints pianos even on canvas. He has always had an affection to pianos, a piano or its detail appeared on numerous of his works, as returning motive. He brought us plenty of piano pictures.


Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends! Hereby I declare the exhibition open. 




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