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The exhibition of sculptor Pál Kő at the Rovás Gallery

written by Ágnes Kovács
translated by Zoltán Bartko 2016-10-27


The exhibition of sculptor Pál Kő at the Rovás Gallery



The text below is the speech held at the opening of the exhibition of sculptor Pál Kő at the Rovás Gallery, on 27 October 2016:


Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends!


I am very glad to welcome you here at our October exhibition of the Rovás Academy. Please, allow me to welcome Mr. Attila Haraszti, consul general of Hungary in Košice and Mr. Levente Bitay, consul. Hereby I would like to thank them for their attendance at this event. I would also like to welcome the most important person tonight, sculptor Pál Kő. His presence is a real honour to us.


Pál Kő has abundant history of art - the artefacts exhibited here present only a tiny fragment of his works. 

Nevertheless, even these reflect his nature, the attitude of conserving and respecting traditions. On the other hand, he also has works, in which he freely wanders in time: he colours his wooden sculptures just like the masters of ancient Egypt, at times he works just like a medieval sculptor of altars, at times as a shepherd on the hill and at times - since he is a very educated artist - he uses some gestures of the 20th-century "isms", without forcing himself into any of these styles. 


He prepares his works primarily of stone, wood and bronze; he considers the choice of material very important: he searches for the appropriate material for the work, for the task and for the depicted object or person, many times even multiple materials. His works are spiritually saturated, full of symbols and also humour. As Marcell Jankovics has expressed it: resolution and vocation cannot exist without humour, one of the most important elements of life.


Pál Kő is both an innovator and an artist respecting and incorporating traditions, who has been working for eternity for quite some time. His art is genuine Hungarian sculpting, his sculptures are plastic revelations abundant in content.


The presence of Pál Kő at public places is visible due to his numerous monumental works. The statues of kings, saints or heroes placed at public places, sculpted in stone and bronze include: the statue of King St Stephen on the hill Gellért-hegy in Budapest, the portrait bust of Hungarian king Samuel Aba, the statue of Hungarian king Béla III, or the statues of Hungarian king Charles Robert in Gyöngyös, Hungary and also in Texas, USA. However, one of the peaks of his professional and artistic career are the 29 tombstones in the Monument Park in Mohács, Hungary. This set of works is a unique achievement among the Hungarian sculpted monuments. And there are also the three stone reliefs installed at the Vatican, those of martyr Bishop St. Adalbert; martyr Bishop St. Gerhard and Eusebius, the founder of the Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit, which were consecrated by Pope John Paul II in the chapel Cappella Magna Domina Hungarorum in 1980. 


Tibor Wehner, author and historian of art expressed the following in conjunction with the sculptor: "in addition to a long line of monumental works, the set of small plastic sculptures, medals and the drawings preparing and accompanying small sculptures, emerging from the 60s of the last century until today has proved that we cannot identify large revolutions, changes and sharp edges of eras, but, on the other hand, it is very difficult to find the unifying lines and connections: each work of art forms a universe of its own." 


During his career, Pál Kő has been awarded a tremendous amount of awards, including the most renowned: in 1975 he was awarded the Munkácsy Prize; in 2001 the Kossuth Prize; in 2006 he was awarded the Prima Primissima Prize; in 2014 he became Artist of the Nation and he also has an award received this year: the Hungarian Heritage Prize. 


The art of Pál Kő is genuine Hungarian sculpting, his sculptures are plastic revelations abundant in content.





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