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The exhibition of TAG at Rovás

written by Ágnes Kovács
translated by Zoltán Bartko 2015-11-22


The exhibition of TAG at Rovás


The TAG - Transylvanian Art Group - is a group established in 2011, with the core made up of the graduates of 1994 at the István Nagy Lyceum of Music and Fine Arts. The joint work and the joint exhibitions, as well as the tight personal and professional relationships gave birth to the Transylvanian Art Group. 


Many of the group members have been gathering at the joint exhibitions and art camps for years - due to this they want to present their works together as often as possible. Almost each member of the group has his/her own style; every member of TAG goes his own way.

They really can consider themselves lucky, since the Pál Auction House and Gallery decided to help them in presenting their works. All TAG-members are active in the art life of the region of Csík and Transylvania. 


They make experiments with classical art assets. They have reached a point, at which they are confident in the use of the techniques and assets, since they have studied them a lot. All of them have a unique style, but this does not mean they would be stiff in expressing themselves.


The group was not brought to life along a unified style of art or concept, but rather the tight personal and professional relationships, which have emerged during the years and the will to work and present the works continuously. The group is known by its creative attitude, the concepts of fine arts, many times totally different from any other, the multifaceted expressions, the choice of topics and the wide range of techniques applied.


The multifaceted character does not interfere with the unity of the exhibition - this makes it rather an interesting intersection of a generation′s art. 


The members of TAG are:

Elemér Bartis

Zsuzsánna Biró

Imola Csillag

István Csillag

Barna Fazakas

János László Fazakas

Imre Kovács

Zágon Szentes

Gyula Vorzsák



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