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The exhibition of Tímea Tóth at Rovás Academy

written by Kovács Ágnes
translated by Zoltán Bartko 2014-10-06


The exhibition of Tímea Tóth at Rovás Academy


     Sometimes there are places, things or people that we don’t know enough even when they are close to us.

This is also true for the creator of the exhibited works as well. Tímea Tóth was born in Moldava, now she lives in Bodolló. How close to us, but so far just a few people knew about her. In most cases she is the one who is responsible for this situation, because keeps herself in isolation and self-management is also not her thing. We, the members of Rovás have known her for a very long time and after several years of absence she is now one of us again. But instead of reprimand here may come the appreciation:


     Tímea Tóth isn’t new to this business. She attended many domestic and foreign exhibitions and art camps, her professional experience earned while working in Hungarian cartoon studios. Like a worthy artist, Tímea Tóth not only looks but sees as well. Her exhibited works demonstrate how she sees the world around her and what she transforms into sign language. The artist who stands before us " is a highly sensitive, receptive, curious, sometimes quiet, sometimes playful, gentle or rebellious, an artist with a rich soul" - claimed her art school teacher Vierka Nagy, who I think had known her better than anyone else because she grew up under her watch. Ever since her childhood she has been attracted to arts and over the years she has improved her makings diligently, with an open attitude. She is a highly creative artist, developing and shaping her talent humbly, but at the same time advisedly. Although she haven’t attended any art school her paintings already reached professional quality.



     Tímea Tóth is the person, who is constantly looking for what she has in the depths of her soul.  Her images are playful, pulsing and wimpling dynamically. She uses pure, rich and vivid colours. It seems like a dreamland, where beauty but also beast can be found.


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