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The Metercia of Roznava

written by Kovács Ágnes 2013-08-19


The Metercia of Roznava


       The unique painting depicts St. Anna, the miners’ patron saint, together with her daughter the Virgin Mary and the child Jesus. The title comes from the latin words me tertia, which means I (am) the third. However, this medieval table image is not important for its three foreground figures, but rather the background images, documenting phases of mining and metallurgy, using realistic imagery, from which mining history gained valuable information.

       The mining and art historians realized that the lode, found in the painting, exists in reality. A distant landscape can also be found in the background, which gives the exact replica of the Sajo (Slaná) valley, apart from the size of the river. The Sajo, as a powerfully flowing, navigatable stream is only represented by the artist’s fantasy, it significantly diverts from reality.

However, it is certain that the painter composed two different, real landscapes together. The painting in addition is a valuable and interesting contribution to the mining and metallurgic clothing history.

       The original panel painting by the unknown artist, using the L.A. monogram, can be seen in the Cathedral of Roznava.

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