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The Renewal of Our Built Heritage

written by Kovács Ágnes 2014-03-05


The Renewal of Our Built Heritage


     Thanks to the huge panels and 3D objects the exhibition remarkably presents the places of Transylvania, Transcarpathia and the Highland where The Teleki László Foundation has made its renewal work for saving the built heritage.

     The exhibition was opened by the architect, János Krcho who cooperates with the foundation, and by Dr. László Diószegi, the foundation’s president and the creative manager of the exhibition.

     We learned that The Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural Heritage of the Cross-boarder Region program began in 1996, ended in 2006, and it was restarted in 2012.

     More than 300 monuments were repaired and other 20 monuments were totally renovated thanks to a state grant of 1,2 billion HUF.

Among the renovated monuments of the Highland is the belltower of the Reformed church in Hubovo, the Reformed church in Szentes, the Rákóczi castle in Borša, the Catholic church in Diakovce and the Premonstratensian monastery and chapel in Leles.

     After the restart in 2012 the renovating works of fifteen mediaeval churches continued in Transylvania, Transcarpathia and the Highland including the repair of the Reformed church roof in Vyšné Valice or the frescos of the Catholic church in Turňa nad Bodvou.

     The visitors of the exhibition could see how the wood shingle is made by Sándor Varga, a Transcarpathian craftsman.


After the exhibition József Sebestyén, a photographer, presented his new book Közös tér – Közös örökség (”Common area – Common heritage” - translator′s note) which is about the renovated built heritage in Hungarian and English language.


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