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The X and Y generations

written by rovart
translated by Zoltán Bartko 2018-03-06


The X and Y generations


an exhibition of the Young Architects′ Forum

MaJel Rovás Centre, FiguratiF gallery

22 February 2018 -- 20 March 2018


The Young Architects′ Forum presented itself at the MaJel Rovás Centre in Košice, Slovakia for the first time with an exhibition of banners. These banners introduced the works and the members of the group.

Following the opening ceremony, a panel discussion was held with the attendees, where Krisztián Szabó, executive director of the group, Méry Hajas, Gábor Boženík and Balázs Bánó responded to the questions of the audience.


What is the Young Architects′ Forum?

This group was formed in 2011 as a response to the lack of a regional expert forum, to the initiative of the Hungarian Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was founded by József Istenes and Krisztián Szabó. in addition to professionalism, it is important to us to advertise our loyalty to the culture of the nationalities in Slovakia and seek the possibilities of practicing Hungarian culture and language in this multi-ethnic position in the use of technical language.

Our most important goals:

-- to be advocates of architects, urbanists and landscape architects of Hungarian ethnicity, supporters of Hungarian culture, as a regional forum, active in Southern Slovakia.

- to provide possibilities of using our mother tongue at professional forums and lectures.

- to initiate social dialogue and panel discussions at a regional level, inviting the management of the municipalities, the architecture professionals and the public, to promote development of the respective municipalities.

- to promote the activity of the younger generations both professionally and in issues of the society.

- to open the field of architecture to a broader public: by producing publications, organizing workshops and exhibitions.

- joint application in architectural tenders to promote intellectual cooperation and to join creative design powers.

- to support education - finding ways of cooperation with education institutions.

- to contact other cultural and social organisations in Slovakia and abroad, especially in Central Europe.

Due to the multitude of goals, the activities of the group are multifaceted; online, they are present at



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