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Szabó Ottó


What is Rovas

Rovas Civil Organisation was established in 1999, though it has been functioning as a fine art group since 1994. 
Their mission is to generate intellectual values in their society by taking active part in the field of fine arts and culture.

Ars Poetica:   Rovas - New Values

The members of Rovas consider their own education and intellectual progress as their purpose of life. They believe that continuously widening their knowledge and improving their perception of life will positively contribute to people's life.
Rovas with its activities targets intellectuals regardless if they believe in the golden age or fascinated by contemporary art and values but hey draw a definite line between pure creativity and the effects of cultural mass production.


Founders: Ottó Szabó, Zsolt Lukács , Noémi Rácz graphic atrists.
Rovas Civil Organization was established by Ottó Szabó, Mgr. Kornélia Szabó and Ottó Bodnár in 1999.
Since 2005 the commitee of Rovas has four members: President - Ottó Szabó, Vice President - Mgr. art Noemi Racz,.Financial Controller - Istvan Molnár, Office manager - Ing. Zoltán Hanesz.
In 2006 the structure of the commitee is as follows: Presidnt - Ottó Szabó, Vice President - Ing. Zoltán Hanesz, Financial Controller - István Molnár

Rovas - Raising High Standards

In 1999 Rovas has opened the Castle Gallery in Szepsi (Moldava nad Bodvou), an Eastern Slovakian town. This place has become the centre of their activities and lot of famous contemporary artists have visited this relatively small unknown town. 
These artists came from all over Central and Eastern Europe and most of them have already been well known for their rebellious attitude and were standing at the door step of a successful career.

As part of their program, Rovás has brought to Szepsi (Moldava nad Bodvou) selected art works of the Bratislava International Biennial of Illustrations and gave numerous opportunities to the local public to view various exhibitions of Slovak illustrators, materials of children's drawing competitions, sculpture symposiums, applied art salons and architectural conferences. On many occasions the exhibitions were opened by the artists themselves which even famous private galleries find difficult to achieve.

Series of lectures and presentations from the fields of philosophy, fine art, literature and history were taking place regularly in the Castle Gallery. This has provided a perfectly relaxed environment where artist and others with different views could meet and share their opinions. Undoubtedly a new intellectual society was about to develop. 

Kassa (Kosice) - New Chapter

In January 2004 Rovas and the Thalia Theatre in Kassa has signed an agreement of co-operation. A new era has begun.

In respect of this agreement the Studio Márai (named after the famous Hungarian writer, Sándor Márai) has become the headquarters of Rovas. The lectures and exhibitions from now on were taking place in the entry hall and bar of the theatre.
This new, significantly improved environment set high standards to up coming events. New members have joined the group refreshing its blood streams and led to the resurrection of Rovas.

Crisis and Way Out

2004 was the year of looking for solutions and finding way out from a critical, unfavourable situation.

The members of Rovas have finally understood that a completely new approach to life and new classes of activities are needed to save their mission. It was also clear to them they cannot depend on audience only. This way they won't just be more demanding setting higher standards but introduce clearer streams of communications and dialogues too. Rovas has shifted focus from the masses and always changing values to the small, continuous and everlasting.

By introducing the Virtual Gallery, Rovas has tied and released its fans at the same time. They have closed the door on hypocrisy and opened the gates of the Internet.