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„Wanderers“ in Košice

written by Kovács Ágnes
translated by Polyák Gizella 2013-08-30


„Wanderers“  in Košice


„Wanderers“  in Košice


There is a new  art exhibition on display in the „Rovás Academy“ in Košice these days. There one can see some popular works of famous artists from the Košice and Rožňava regions.


This art exhibition, called „Wanderers“, is based on a collection from the Museum of Mining in Rožňava. It is the third event  of an important project, called „The summer of Rožňava in Košice“. The Museum of Mining has organized two different exhibitions previously within this cultural season. The first one, in the beginning of summer,  was an interesting and rich collection of pottery from the Gemer region. The next event was an exhibition about a valuable medeival panel painting, called Metercia from Rožňava.

This third event is the present display, which shows some popular works of well-known artists from Rožňava and Košice. All these works belong  to the Museum of Mining in Rožňava. This institution has been collecting its material since 1979, mostly from the artists from the Gemer region. Fortunately the collection is gradually rising by the act of buying, donation and some offerings from different artists. The section of fine arts nowadays has 1271 works. 

Anna Lachová, who is an art expert and the curator of this art exhibition, has selected from the works of the artists, who were connected to Košice and Rožňava. These artists are: István Roskoványi, Štefan Filep, Sándor Eckert, Jozef Haščák and from Rožňava and its region, Géza Barci, Ádám Szentpétery, Ján Kuchta, István Dúdor and Vojtech Farkaš, the sculptor. 


This nice exhibition can be enjoyed until 25 September  every Tuesday and Thursday, between 9:OO and 18:OO in Rovás Academy.








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