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We understand each other

written by Otto Szabó
translated by Judit Pollag Écsi 2013-05-28


We understand each other


We understand each other

Értjük egymást – Rozumieme si – Ne intelegem 


The schedule of the Rovas art camps for the summer 2013:


First workshop

13–20 July 2013, Középajta (Aita Medie), Transylvania: 

(12–13 Torockó /Rimetea/)

12th July - 8 a.m. start from Kassa, lunch at Királyhágó (Negreni); 5 p.m. sightseeing in Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca); 9 p.m. dinner at Torockó

13th July - 8 a.m. breakfast at Torockó; lunch, than sightseeing in Segesvár, dinner at Középajta; opening of the camp, getting to know each other-evening, portfolio-projection

14–19 July - free creative work, plein air, studio work, talks, pecha kucha, presentations, free entertainment

Trips to: Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe), Árkos (Arcuș), Szent Anna lake (Sfânta Ana lake), Red lake (Hu: Gyilkos-tó, Ro: Lacul Roşu), Bicaz Canyon (Hu: Békás-szoros, Ro: Cheile Bicazului), Brassó (Brașov), Bran Castle (Hu: Törcsvár, Ro: Bran), Zona Ghimeşului (Hu: Gyimesek), Făgăraş Mountains (Hu: Fogarasi-havasok).

20th July - way back home through Vajdahunyad (Hunedoara), dinner at Debrecen, accommodation

21st July - breakfast at Debrecen, trip to Hortobágy, closing the camp


Second Workshop 

5-11 August 2013, the artists′ colony of Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Tihany, Hungary:


5th August – the camp opening lunch from 1 p.m., sightseeing, accommodation; pointing the painters′ studios, introducing the programs of the sections; dinner, getting to know each other-evening, portfolio-projection

6–10 August – 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. free creative work; plein air, studio work, talks, pecha kucha, presentations, free entertainment, bathing, sailing;

Trips to: Balatonfüred, Szárszó, Szigliget, Veszprém; visiting painters′ studios

11–13 August  – closing the camp at Hűvösvölgy, Budapest, the Klebelsberg Culture Curia; excursion to Budapest, to Szentendre and the environs of the town


 Third Workshop

19–25 August 2013, Kassa (Košice)

Plein air at Kakaslomnyic (Veľká Lomnica), High Tatras


19th August – the camp opening lunch at Kassa from 1 p.m.; sightseeing, accommodation, pointing the studios, introducing the programs of the sections; dinner, getting to know each other evening, portfolio projection

20–23 August – plein air at the High Tatras, in the wake of Csontváry; outdoor painting, trips, hiking, free entertainment

24–25 August – Szepesváralja (Spišské Podhradie), painting by the cathedral and the environs of the castle, trips


Price: 175 € / workshop (free for the invited artists)


To the camps can apply adults who want to learn or improve their knowledge in the fine/plastic/visual art techniques. The creative work is organised in sections, supervised by masters of art. The masters are working together with their pupils. The particular sections can be freely passed through; they are transparently related to each other.


Price for one workshop: 175 €, two workshops: 320 €, all three workshops: 400 €


There is a possibility to reduce the price of the camps for some applicants. As long as your application is respected, please, give reasons in your application, why are you interested in the camp, and why is your participation advantageous for our community (eNRA, Rovas). The applicants should know well the Rovas Art Group (


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