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Weeklong Creativity Workshop in Košice

written by Kovács Ágnes
translated by Gizella Polyák 2013-09-05


Weeklong Creativity Workshop in Košice


Weeklong Creativity Workshop in Košice


"We Understand Each Other"  states the title of the international art camp organized by Academy Rovás.


The third workshop of this project took place in Košice, the European Capital of Culture for 2013. There were some artists from Transylvania and also from Tihany, Hungary, participating. They were pleased to visit the beautiful city of Sándor Márai, some of them for the first time.  About fifteen artists were working and inspiring each other during the week. Zoltán Balassa, a popular tourist guide of Kassa, showed them the significant parts of this city. During the art camp, a colourful art exhibition, called „Wanderers“ was organized by the help and cooperation of the Mining Museum in  Rožňava. Another special event was an excursion to a neighbouring village, Rešica,  to see the new Roman-Catholic church. 

At the end of this creative week there was a big display organized by the artists showing their new projects to visitors.  They explained their personal feelings  and introduced their works, which helped a lot with understanding their message.  It was a new method first used in Transylvania this summer, which seems to be very effective.


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